The Social Medea

“Child, I have been hearing a lot about this social Medea, something related to phones, laptops, it is the future communication method, it seems. And you… You are always glued to your phone. But what does Medea have to do with all that? Medea! The priestess of the most frightening Greek Goddess of all the Greek mythology, who sends all the misery to the World. But all of you go on and on about the Social Medea, Social Medea…”

“Granny! You need to be more attentive when you listen to the news! It is Social Media!”


Hi Granny!

These Chinese whispers/telephone has really made me laugh. In reality, there are many articles on how social media is actually devastating, similarly to MedEa, whom you mentioned. However, if employed in a sensible way, social media is quite a convenience for fast and efficient communication.

What is social media?

These are various Internet “spaces” that are located on different addresses (just like people!) Communication happens instantaneously. The same way in which I am sending a SMS and it gets to the recipient, you could send images, videos and audio recordings without any post, any queues. Even Hermes could not dream about such speed (even with his winged sandals).

Let’s take a look at the 4 most popular social media channels:

Facebook. FB. Our lives have become too hectic “Hi, hw r u, brb” (Hi, how are you, be right back). No time could be spared on writing the whole words!
Facebook consists of personal profiles (like social online passports, which we execute to our liking). Through your personal profile you could upload (=put online) pictures. Or “check in” different locations. Similarly to the stamps they used to give you when you were visiting a national tourist attraction. Thanks to Facebook and its “connecting people” feature, I managed to find my classmates from High School as well as keep in touch with my university friends who are dispersed all around the World.

Twitter is another social media channel that I have talked to you about. Please revise here.

I have also explained what LinkedIn is – the professional network which serves as a portfolio and CV in one.
Instagram: This is a website which is mainly oriented to photo sharing. The use of hashtags is obligatory to make the pictures more searchable and well… popular. The unwritten rule here is that the more filters and/or abstract thinking are present in our Instagram pictures, the more likes, shares and comment one will get…


“I would never swap one of your baby photos even for a thousand Infragrams..”

“It is Instagram, Granny!”

“You are rather accurate when it comes to these new things. But if I ask you to make a filo pastry from scratch… I will sit aside and watch you “refreshing” and “restarting”…”

“Touché, Granny, touché!” 🙂