On beauty: From the Fairy Godmother to Photoshop

Hi Granny!

I remember how much you despised when I was continuously asking you to re-enact “Cinderella” with me. I was going in the other room to change as if the Fairy Godmother has done it with her magic wand. (I know I’ve lost the whole male audience. But anyway you are way too logical to get the essence of magic haha).

Today, Granny, beauty is distorted like “The scream” by Munch.

Huge lips, shiny contact lenses in neon colours, pink/purple hairs, several layers of make-up (like stucco)… But what is new is that if one is not naturally beautiful and the before-mentioned “tools” cannot help, plastic surgery has advanced big time, and there is also Photoshop.

Photoshop, Granny, is a computer programme, which edits images. There are a number of tools that can make your face look better, change eye colour etc. Most importantly women never have any wrinkles, pimples or other defects after the use of Photoshop! It is like a digital cream with a monthly fee! Logically, all sorts of posters, adverts and magazines are publishing the perfect woman: porcelain-like face, incredibly sexy body and thick, shiny hair! Yes, a lot similar to each other, but anyhow aura, radiance and intellect are not of first need. Today it is much more important what we look like than what IS within us. “Beauty is only skin-deep” has transformed to “Fake tits and lips for all, forever!”

With the idealization of the perfect, Photoshop woman, it turned out that many women are easily manipulated. They have decided to resemble an image from a magazine, because “men like that.” Without even taking into account that their inner-world and energy will last longer than their false lips and volumized hair. And don’t get me wrong: I am not against dolling up. On the contrary, I think it is particularly charming, when done for the self. But the ideal imposed by the outside world, should stay exactly there: outside.

I remember a really sweet story of yours. Some photographers were coming at your school to take pictures for the calendar. The ideal woman back then was “white and fatty”, but unfortunately you were tanned and slim. So before the picture was taken, you put some bread in your mouth to make your cheeks look chubby. Then you and Minka talked about Dechka (who was “white and fatty”) and dreamed about a machine that will take some meat of Dechka’s cheeks and glue it to yours. So that both of you are liked!

Real ancient gooses, if you ask me… 🙂

Fifteen years later during your class reunion, the most handsome guy came to you and confessed he truly liked you back then. You said ‘Really? But people used to like “white and fatty”. I cannot believe you liked exactly me – slim and tanned…”

There has always been an ideal, forced by the society and/or the media. Still magic dust seems like a much more unusual and attractive way to beautify than the scalpel of Dr. Enchev (a famous Bulgarian surgeon)… or a computer programme.

Besides the changes both in technology and in our values I am writing to you about, some things hardly ever change. Like the personal choice: that is in our hands. Or the priorities. What are we going to develop in ourselves in order to be beautiful? Whom we want to be beautiful for? What is beauty?

I might be old-fashioned but I think that the female robots (with zero personality) walking on the streets are not beautiful, but rather “beauty-fool”.