Blog to Granny is the beginning of my personal social project. I have always thought that elderly people need to be motivated. They must feel useful and welcomes, rather than isolated and neglected.

After long observations, I came to the realisation that the digital age scares everyone who has not grown up with it. The older generation wishes to understand what is that we are talking about, but they are afraid, ashamed and even a little lazy to make that step. It is our responsibility (moral, yes) to involve them in our daily lives. Leaving them equals pushing them towards monotony and quicker ageing.

This project aims to present information in a humourous yet simple way to those who need it. There is no room for shame. Only for laughter and learning.

Please write here, if you wish anything related to technology and the new digital age explained here.

Let’s help those who had given us life. Let us recharge them with our insane, youthful impulse. 🙂