Monologue to Granny

Hi Granny!

The subject of love has become very complicated.

Seems like we want more and more. And since we have experienced nor war, neither hunger, we also managed visiting many more countries that lots of you could visit for an entire life: our desires are endless. We have seen a lot, have eaten many apples from Eden, we have been living in such a fast pace that 1 year equals to 5-10 of your years of experience.
Hence most of us have some idealistic views on life, high expectations from our job, love and the overall complexity level of life. Relationships started having an expiry date. Things like “Oh, it is gonna last for maximum 10 years” became the trend. The real love duration has been also set to 3 years. If somebody is “fucked up” to have a child during that time – oh well, tough luck! Many online platforms offering sex, erotic chats, dates and emotions of all kind have emerged.

The opportunities have become a lot more. With them, lots of the values have faded away. (I can’t recall you leaving grandpa, or threatening him that you will find another guy… You never divorced. How was that? You needed to sit down and sort it all out. I wonder what you would have done, if you had lived in the New Era…)

As a consequence of the demands and the high expectations: dissatisfaction, admonition, and we-will-end-this-as-we-have-lots-of-other-options threats cropped up BIG TIME. We are above the society and what it thinks. Above all norms. We know that small-minded people gossip and that intelligent people talk about ideas instead. 

As a result of all these problems, relationships have started becoming weaker, rather than stronger.

Feeble. Replaceable. Frequent.

“Next relationship, please!” Morals have to be learned quickly as the next date is just around the corner. Tinder appeared. It is a platform for dating based on location. You swipe through pictures of men/women: yes, no, yes, no…
Granny! It is already enough to be physically close to somebody, to give them a super like and to go on as many dates, as you can fit in a day! No need for arranged meetings from parents, parties or research through friends! It is dead easy. And just when you feel fed up, something new and interesting comes along. So why do we need to bother to understand somebody for 10, 20, 30 years? To sacrifice ourselves? (You have no idea what we mean by ‘sacrifice’ here… He wants us to go to Spain, I want us to visit Italy. I am making the sacrifice to go where he wants, aha, it is a huge compromise!…)

You know, Granny, what has not changed since you went away? Pure love. The energy of Real Love. This Love that gives you all without promises or constraints. This Love that is not bogged down in calculations and analysis who gave how much…. This Love which does not tell off or demand, but smiles. The warmth which two people exchange with the single wish to grow together.
Recently I was told that Love and Characters are two different things. Love is there, but personal traits need time to click. It sounded a bit old-school, but yeah, perhaps it is true.


Author: melangie

A creative mind with a free spirit. Follow me @Admelange

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